And then there was “the Facebook friends”

by Line

Lately I have come to think about the responsibility I will be faced with when my son is born, and because I want to share some pictures of him on Facebook to show my “real friends” all over the world how we are, I realized I had way to many people as friends that I don’t speak to even if I met them on the streets. We would probably say hi to each other, but I can’t say there would be more than that – if even a hello would be spoken, maybe a nod to say “I know you from somewhere”. I’m sorry, but I don’t need you to be able to follow everything I want to share with those closer to me who live far away.

Then I found the other group that I figured I didn’t  feel I needed as “friends” on Facebook either. The ones I of course would talk to if we met, but not send a message to asking if they were okay, or invite to my birthday party or actually do something with. Some of my friends’ boyfriends, for example. They are not my friends, but I love to chat with them when I meet them together with my friends. They are nice people and I hold no grudge, but why should I consider them my friends? If they were to break up, I would probably never see them again anyways.

So, If I delete you on Facebook, does that mean I can’t talk to you in real life, be friendly or have a good conversation with you if we were to meet at the same party or stop each other on the streets? I want to be able to put up the pictures I feel suitable without thinking about that people I don’t really need to see them can do so, and probably will anyways because the pictures will show up in their feeds.

What irritates me the most, is that some of these acquaintances of mine really take it the wrong way when I delete them. Why? It’s not like you ever ask me how I am, and I haven’t seen you in over two years. The impression you leave is pure curiosity, and a need to know so you can later on tell your friends all about how I am – pure gossip to raise your standing with your friends. Nope, and again I’m sorry – I don’t need that.

To emphasize my point, here’s a last example; The ones I don’t really have a relationship with, don’t need to see what I want to share with Laurence in Canada, Emma in Australia or family up west – simple as that.