Single and pregnant pt.1

by Line

I won’t lie, there are perks to being single and pregnant, and to inform those of you who are considering, here’s a list of some of the worst (in my opinion);

Doing the dishes

There are no one (maybe except your mommy) that will be around to do your dishes. If you are lucky enough to afford a dish-washer, don’t believe it’s that easy to get away. No matter how hard you close your eyes and believe it will be all gone when you open them – your dirty frying pan needs to be clean if you ever want to use it again without getting some scary disease. This brings me to my second point;

Making your own food

We all need breakfast, lunch, dinner and probably something in between those meals – especially when you are pregnant. Being hungry all the time doesn’t get easier when you have to make it yourself, no matter how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning – it is your single duty to eat enough so that your baby will grow and become a healthy man or woman one day.

Getting out of bed

Are you one of those who like to jump out of bed in the mornings? Or do you prefer slowly rolling over, dragging your ass up? Either way, that may become a problem even if you tie a rope to the end of your bed (this requires some arm-muscles I don’t have). Together with getting up from the couch, or your favorite chair. Being alone means a lot of struggle getting out of there (at least it’s easy to get that certain amount of exercise everyday, that your doctor suggest you do).

Putting on shoes/socks

Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but if you don’t want to go around barefoot at the grocery store or out shopping – you will have a struggle every time your head fills up with blood and you have no other choice than bending over and getting those shoes on.

Going grocery shopping

Not as easy as it might seem, there is nothing funny about having a hard time walking but still needing to buy whatever you are going to eat that week (not fun to yourself, at least). Just imagine having to put everything in your basket at the counter – not an easy job when blood flows to your brain trying to shut you down. Not being able to walk the rest of that day is also something to consider..

And of course, the list goes on. Driving can be pretty difficult for example, not to mention drying your legs after a long nice shower. Cleaning, how did I forget cleaning?! Walking barefoot inside will be something you wouldn’t want to do after a while. If anything needs fixing you have to do it yourself, and there’s no one to help you run to the bathroom in the morning (or in the middle of the night for that matter). Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? Now that’s why there’s a second to this post, uploading (almost) as we speak ;)