Single and pregnant pt.2

by Line

There are of course some perks (check out single and pregnant pt.1 below) to being single and pregnant, but I believe everything can turn out pretty good if you just choose to believe in it. When Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Totally Wrong and you have to change your relaxing pregnancy in to a full-time before baby comes job, there are some things you should remember when having a bad day.

There is no one around to tell you that you smell if you don’t want to shower for five days, just because taking a nice shower or bath has turned in to something that feels like a full time job. On the other hand, there is no one around to tell you that you spend to much time in there either. You can shower until it gets cold! You can also eat whatever you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner – as much as you want (or as little, without anyone forcing more food in your mouth because it’s “good for the baby”), and if you don’t want vegetables one day, just skip it. You can also have ice-cream for dinner and soup for dessert, if that’s what you want. No limits in the kitchen!

You can listen to whatever music you want, whenever you want – and there is no one to tell you that you’ve probably seen to many episodes of sex and the city that day. You can put your feet on the table without anyone telling you it’s gross to have those smelly and sweaty body parts on something they later eat on, and you can stare as long as you want out of the window just because you want to. You can also go to the bathroom with the door widely open, not having to think about smell or sounds you would otherwise probably lock in there. No need to worry about farting either, and trust me – it happens.

You can drool as much as you want on other men, thinking about how hot and steamy they are – and how good they would look in your bed one day. You can even scream it out loud – if you want to! And then, when you feel horrible for no other reason than hormones reacting to some nice song you heard on the radio, you can cry for as long as you want without anyone bugging you trying to figure out what’s wrong. Sometimes, there’s just nothing wrong! (And a certain gender I know about doesn’t seem to understand that all the time).

I don’t mind making my own food, cleaning my own clothes, making my own dinner and struggle getting up from whatever nice position I was in – I can do it in my own pace – and I love it!