Did I see a smile there?

by Line

The title says it all, my little precious has started to smile! Yesterday just some short seconds, and barely at all – but today Isabel was lucky enough to get a huge grin. Oh, what it does to a loving mommy-heart ♥ Finally the feelings I felt I have been lacking for almost five weeks are showing up, and it makes everything a whole lot easier. Actually, everything is a whole lot easier! Lately I’ve been having those “driving and smiling for no reason” moments, and I’m getting used to sleeping while I can – and when Kasper is starting to respond on top of that.. Well, let’s just say I’m relieved that I’m back at a more peaceful state of mind.

But that was not the reason for this post, I’ve come to realize that the whole reason this blog is mostly in English is to keep all of you out there updated, and lately there’s been more posts in Norwegian, even without translation. I promise to try and do only English again from now on, and if my mood keeps up there will probably be more posts too. I can’t say a lot of interesting stuff is happening in my life right now (not to those of you who doesn’t like mommy-blogs at least), but I have some thoughts I want to share with you. About adulthood and all that, for example. And of course about being this new “role model”, so the main theme will probably still be parent-related after all.. But then again, I am and will forever have this special and weird brain of mine, so the final touch will always have my name written all over it. I’ll always do it my way, and it will always work out :)

Now I have to run, this week has been full of stuff to do and I have to learn to say no, so next week will be at a more relaxing state of mind. I’ve been doing something everyday this week actually, and even though I like it ever so much I have to make sure I don’t wear myself out. There’s a long way to go, and I’m glad I’m starting to like it. Peace out!