Officially a mom

by Line

w – o – w, what just happened there?

Suddenly all of the mommy-feelings decided to hit at once, and I am slightly shocked. Kasper have had a cold for a while, and earlier today it was at it’s worst. Coughing, sneezing and generally being a bit sick, he has been sleeping almost all day, but then suddenly he woke up and had a rough time. He was crying and a whole lot of scary noises came from him, and a thousand thoughts went through my head in just a few seconds of time. “Is it asthma? Is it my fault? What if he’s dying and it is my fault?!“. I probably went a bit over board with that last one there, but I realized then and there that worrying is the biggest part of being a parent. I even had to ask my best mommy-friend about it, she having a four-year-old and all. I knew the answer before it came, no – it will never go away. I had to ask though.

Now Kasper seems unaffected by it all, he had some food, some warm water and saltwater for his nose and is a lot better. And very awake. After all he slept all day, which I didn’t because he snores like a crazy whale stranded at the beach a warm summer day. Or something like that. Anyways, now as a thank-you-mommy-for-worrying-more-than-you-had-to, I can smell him giving me a huge, nasty, poopy deposit.

So that’s it, officially a mom. Emotions and all. I need more coffee.