No boyfriend for me

by Line

I read so much about what other moms think of their body after giving birth, and I’ll admit that it is weird that my own body has carried through that huge baby (which he is not, but I can’t understand how he fit inside me those last weeks, even less how I managed to get him out of there..). There is so much focus on how to get back in shape, how it’s so sad that especially the stomach will never be what it once were and that the stretch marks are ugly but yet a symbol of the great little one that came out of it. I don’t care about the stomach really, or – I don’t care that it has marks that show that I have given birth, is more correct.

But my boobs. Why did they forget to mention what happens to your breasts? Because that’s where the change is, and when I was talking about it the other day with some of my friends, I told them that I feel like they went from silicone valley to hello grandma in just a couple of days. I think they thought I was joking, but after a little show-and-tell they were more than certain about never breastfeeding. Then it was brought up; “they aren’t really that bad, bad is when you can put a pen under and it won’t fall down”. I just laughed, because I was sure that they hadn’t hit their 80’s just yet (my breasts, that is), but as the curios one I am I just had to try.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Do you think the pen fell down? Oh no it didn’t.