Now focus

by Line

After a phone-call to Benedicte, I realized how foolish I am for letting all this crap eat me up from inside. She said a lot of stuff I knew deep down, things I just didn’t want to take in to consideration and didn’t want to think about, and even though it was not so much fun listening to her say it – she was, and is, right. That’s why I will try and turn this blog into inspiration and motivation for myself, leaving the not-so-nice thoughts in my diary. After all, what you post on the internet stays there forever in one way or another.

First of all, I will start a 30 day challenge inspired by nursenadia (Norwegian blogger, but never the less worth visiting for those of you who know that kind of weird language!), simply because I like it. Second, I will blog about everyday stuff that makes me smile, because when I shove the all-so-bad over-thinking me aside, I have a lot of tricks to make me do exactly that. Smile. After all I am all about moments of happiness, and why I have been so stupid not allowing myself that I don’t know – but I will try and change it.

I started today by going to my maternity group (or whatever you call it) and had a good time. When I came home I cleaned and tidied up, because a clean home makes every day easier for this weird head. Now I will continue doing that so I can have two hours only for myself and whatever I want to do after, because Kasper is with his dad until nine. Wish me luck and stay tuned for positive thoughts!

(And thank you Benedicte♥)