Day 4 – A day in your life, picture by picture

by Line

I really tried to do this one, and started with a picture from this morning; I woke up, and Kasper was still asleep! So there I am trying my best to sleep more, because as my dad always says – A good soldier sleeps when he can. He slept until nine, and unfortunately we had to be at the health care center at ten, so everything went in fast-motion from then. I didn’t feel like taking any pictures at the doctor’s, and I can’t post pictures of the other kids in kindergarten anywhere – so that failed too. When we came home he was fast asleep and now I am sitting here solo, and there’s no need for me to post more boring pictures of myself than those others who I will upload when this challenge goes on. I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of the others while we are playing either, and after that every picture will probably be alike the one in this post. So.. I didn’t really need to explain that, did I?

Day5- Your three favorite songs, right now. Day6- Write 15 facts about yourself. Day7- A picture of you as a child. Day8- Your luckiest moment up until this day. Day9- 10 things you love. Day10- 10 things you hate. Day11- Something you’re not looking forward to. Day12- A picture of your room. Day13- Your worst habit(s). Day14- Your favorite jewelry. Day15- A picture of your wallet. Day16- A song that makes you cry. Day17- Your favorite blog(s). Day18- Places you have been to. Day19- A picture of the contents of your bedside cabinet. Day20- Your dream wedding. Day21- A picture from this summer. Day22- Your biggest dream.  Day23- Something not everybody knows about you. Day24- A picture by you, and the meaning behind. Day25- A picture of you, without makeup. Day26- Something you’ll never do. Day27- Ten things you want. Day28- How do you do your hair. Day29- Something you wish people knew about you. Day30- The best you know.