Reasons to Smile

by Line

I have decided to try out a new thing to make this blog more interesting, so I hereby introduce Reasons to Smile! I’ll try to make one post once a week, but sometimes there might be more (or less). Enjoy!

Reasons to Smile #1

Main rule to make a bad day better; leave the house! Today we had the six weeks check-up at the health care center, and because we were already out of the house I decided to visit everyone at the kindergarten where I used to work. As usual we stayed there for a while, and it was so nice to see everyone again! Both kids and colleagues were happy to see us, and there is nothing that brings out the smile in me easier, than those cute and funny little smart ones. I can’t wait until he sits up and can play with the other kids :) It’s amazing how young kids (or big babies?) are so fascinated by babies, they talk and give hugs and play with his teat, and all in all find it so funny that he is a small them! Now that Kasper has recovered from his cold I think we will try and visit them more often, because it is definitively a pleasant reason to smile – how can I not when everyone is so nice and cheery? Love it!

Kasper is soon going to his dad for a while, and I will nap and go to hockey practice, stay tuned for Reason #2!