Time for myself

by Line

Weekend “off” means a lot to do – like running errands, cleaning, tidying, having a look at the economy etcetera. But! It also means a whole lot of sleep, no interruptions and time to just look at the ceiling or read a book.

Yesterday Isabel and I had a great girly-night; we bought ready-to-go food and watched a girly-movie, and I fell in love with Zac Efron. How can you not, when he plays the lead in a Nicholas Sparks based movie?! I left Isabel with new hopes of one day getting my own Logan (oh, and yes – we saw “The Lucky One”), and a feeling of being calm with everyday being like it is, because you never know when your very own fairytale will show up (don’t laugh). She also taught me how to make “goldfish-face”, and we couldn’t stop laughing of how hard I thought it was, it’s the easiest thing ever and now I do it all the time! (I spent half my life trying to do the face ending up making everyone laugh just because I could not understand how in the world it was done).

Tomorrow I have to change tires, after all I live in Norway and I would not be surprised if there’s snow when my birthday comes around (the 28th, don’t forget it!), clean floors and wait for my precious little baby to come back home (I had to go visit him earlier today for a short while, I just missed him so much, haha). Other than that I will do nothing, and I LIKE IT!