Reasons to Smile #2

by Line

Once again the reason to smile involves leaving the house, and today it’s going for a walk with the stroller! Last week the weather was perfect for stroller-walking, and with an iPhone full of good music you could see me smiling all over town several times.

But why is it a good reason to smile? Have you ever had that tingling feeling in your stomach, filling you up with goosebumps just because life is so good you can’t seem to believe it? That’s exactly why! Butterflies in every color flying around in your stomach, not being able not to smile, thinking about good memories and taking in all the beautiful colors of autumn.. And of course, a perfect little boy smiling at you because he, too, believes that life is perfect in that very moment. Sometimes I think it can’t get better, and I definitively allow myself to smile just because of that reason!

Stay tuned for Reason #3!