Butterfly fly away

by Line

Have I told you about the butterfly who decided to move in with me? No?

Some weeks ago (actually, I believe it was before Kasper was born), I saw this huge thing flying around in my bedroom, and I got so scared I almost pissed my pants! But anyways, I just shut the door and later when I was going to bed it was gone so I figured it had found its’ way out again. How wrong can you be.. A few days later I found out that it had nested (or whatever you wanna call it) at the ceiling in my shower. But I thought it was dead or frozen or at least not going to move, so I didn’t care that much. It was kinda nice having a pet for once, a pretty one even. And it just stayed there, while I was showering and all, with steam coming up trying to choke it.. But one day it had moved to my shower wall! It was alive!! I even showered with it, right there, but it didn’t move. So I thought it was dead again, just being having some spasm or something making it move down (I hope it wasn’t a hidden camera..), but – the other day it was flying around in my living room! As the nice and loving person I am, I let it out to die in the cold. End of story.

Wow, what a story teller I am, and I want to write a book some day? It will certainly not be about butterflies living in showers. Anyways, it’s Tuesday again, and Tuesday mean hockey-practice, and I am once again not sure if I want to go. But, I’ll pat myself on the shoulder when it’s over, and tomorrow will be Wednesday and then a lot of stuff is happening and then it will suddenly be Thursday and I can sleep from five to nine. After that.. I don’t think I have anything planned actually.. That was weird. I’ll be sure to update you!