Day 5 – Your three favorite songs

by Line

First of all, it’s not easy deciding what are my three favorite song right now, before or ever. I always discover new music, and some day one song might be my favorite, but other days when my mood changes it might be a different one. But, the three ones here are songs that mean something to me, and that has got to count for something right? (Press the title for lyrics).

“Everyday” by Toby Lightman
I discovered this song through the TV-series “Bones”, and when I first heard it I had to find the lyrics. I was in a weird phase of my life, once again struggling with “finding myself” – as I felt I were during middle school too, and this song just.. put words to my feelings. It made me think a lot, of who I actually wanted to be and who I am. It made me think that “who cares what others think? If I am pleased with who I am, that should be more than enough”. I still listen to it, and I’m proud of myself because I figured it out.

“Who you are” by Jessie J
Laurence sent me this song once, when I had one of my bad days. It was her way of saying she was there for me, I think, and I just had to cry as I watched the video. Even though I hadn’t told her, she realized that I was having trouble holding on to myself, and who I wanted to be. I am forever grateful, because listening to the lyrics, thinking about my life from a different perspective, helped to where I am today. Thank you.

“Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson
This is one of my favorite songs now a days, not because I went through a bad break-up (when have I ever even had a serious relationship?), but because it emphasizes what I feel right now. I am on my own, I am doing good, and my life is as close to as great that it has ever been. It also makes me smile and get goosebumps all over, just because I feel so good. I mean, I feel like I am the perfect case of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Couldn’t get any better, could it?

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