Day 6 – Write 15 facts about yourself

by Line

1. I speak Spanish
2. I almost always forget to water my plants (somehow they still live) autumn..
4. .. and I love rain
5. I lived in Spain 2010/2011, went to school and worked
6. I read almost 60 pages in 60 minutes (which kinda sucks)
7. I failed gymnastics in High School
8. I haven’t seen all the “great movies” (but I’m getting there)
9. I spend way to much time on Facebook stalking other people
10. I love lists, and have one for almost everything
11. I love my mom
12. I like the “old stuff” like polaroids, cassette’s, typewriters and mail
13. I hope I’ll get in to university next year
14. I struggle with this list
15. I love swimming in the ocean

PUH, that was harder than I thought, leaving out all the obvious. A great reminder of great things though, and a lot of “love’s” reminding me how to make bad days better!

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