Reasons to Smile #3

by Line

Not wanting to hang up on a phone call
Yesterday I got a really nice phone call from a friend I hadn’t talked to in ages, and it really made my day. We just talked and talked, about big things and about small – and we really got to catch up. We talked about how we feel privileged to have discovered the “secret to life” (I don’t think we called it that, but I’ll call it that now anyways), and how time passes so fast, and when you remove the big things (he is engaged and I got a baby), nothing has really happened. But yet we have grown as persons, and are really satisfied with where we are right now – even though it could be better. Because it can always be better, but right now can be pretty darn good if you let it, too. It feels good having a friend with somewhat similar views on life, and it definitively feels good have a male friend that there were never any emotional drama with! So yes, I will think about that, and I will smile.

Stay tuned for Reason #4!