Two in one week

by Line

Okay, so lying to the lady at the store about being my army friend’s girlfriend was a bit awkward, but what do you say? “Well, we’re not together, but thanks for the compliment!”? Maybe we looked like a couple there we walked, me with bags full of kitchen supplies, and him asking me for advice on what clothes to buy and what he looked good in.

But! Lying (or, agreeing with a nod) to the priest about being together with Kasper’s dad.. That was beyond awkward. I didn’t want to disappoint him though, he looked so happy and talked and talked about how important it is to stay together after deciding to bring a kid in to this world. How a safe environment is essential for a kids’ best upbringing and so on. Good thing the priest who will baptize Kasper actually knows that we’re not. Together that is.

So I have been a girlfriend twice this week, with two different guys even! I must say I like my own presence better, guys are not on my “Top Ten Love” list right now – they disappoint, and disappoint, and.. guess what? They disappoint.