Yesterday and today and.. ?

by Line

Today has been a really good day, and yesterday was too – this is going somewhere! I will still post something I wrote a few weeks ago very soon though, because you never know when relapse comes around. And that might explain to some of you why my mood has been the way it has been, and to the rest of you – well, maybe you’ll understand after reading it. Posting it is to be honest with you, but first of all it is to be honest with myself, and to accept and realize that this is a real problem that might come biting me in the ass again without me even noticing it.

But where was I? Yes, today! Right now Kasper is with his dad, and so far I have cleaned the entire apartment, dust and everything – and I have tidied and done laundry and you name it. I still have an hour until he comes back, and till then I will just sit here, on the couch, doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying a clean and tidy apartment. And while I do that, I will watch “Lie to me” – this great TV-series I just discovered! Months ago I promised you some pictures of my place, and if you want to see more you have to tell me, and if not you can just imagine it from these;