Memory lane day

by Line

When I woke up today I had three new comments! Wow, it’s a new record! Really made my day you guys, and Emma and Laurence – I can’t wait for you to come visit. As a thank you I will grant you this picture from the day Kasper was born, just because it was so funny;

Yes it was painful as f**k, but what I’m left with is a memory of a really fun day. You see, they gave me “laughter gas”, so I literally (yes, I know the meaning of that word so don’t hold a grudge) could not stop laughing. Everything was seriously so funny that I was scared of pissing my pants. And do you see that yoghurt? That came back up in full speed and Robins’ comment to it later was; “it was just like in the movies!”, which is what I can say about when my water broke too. That was not so much fun.. The netting panties they gave me later together with the enormous diaper on the other hand, way fun. I looked like the moron of the year!

Seems like today is for memory lane, you see – I am trying to make this calendar for 2013, and it makes me go through a ton of pictures. It’s not as easy as I thought, but I’m getting somewhere. If you want I could upload the pictures I’m putting in it later? Now that you’re getting so good at commenting I really expect an answer :) Did I ever tell you my birth-story btw? Would you like to hear it? Almost everyone I’ve told it to have laughed, so I’m guessing it’s some kind of a good story!

Other than that this week has been really good, I’ve had dinner every day and I’ve gone for a walk every day – and I haven’t stressed out as much as usual. Yesterday was a hard one though, Kasper is having trouble with either teeth, gas or both – and I guess it was just about time that I got to experience some real baby-cry too, for once. He is better today, and if it keeps up we are going to Oslo tomorrow to visit my lovely Maria. That means Kasper has seen two big cities before turning three months! He just has to love traveling as much as his mom, I have big plans for us ♥