Just a thought

by Line

A lot of the people I talk to, eventually come up with this – “oh, it looks so nice to be a baby!” and “I would love to be a baby sometimes!”. Well nice my ass. First of all it’s the diaper-thingy, I do not want to poo (or pee) my pants wether it’s a mushy fabric there to “pick it up” or not. I mean, who wants feces smeared all around their buttocks? Ew. Second of all, would you really like not to be able to talk? Really? Whenever something’s wrong you can’t tell anyone, and sometimes it takes them forever to figure out what you’re crying about. Because crying is really all you can do, when something is wrong. Third, babies can’t walk. I mean, just lying around all day, not being able to go do what you actually want to do? Eventually just lying around becomes pretty boring. No thanks, I would not like to be baby.

But hey, whatever floats your boat!