by Line

Calm has descended in our apartment this evening, the fire is lit, Kasper is sleeping and the nice smell of waffles fills the living room. We didn’t do so much today, not yesterday either – but it is nice sometimes, just to embrace the good feeling of being inside when the weather outside is crappy. Kasper is soon off to his dad, and mama gets friends over for dinner, and the good days just keep on coming. I hope. Tomorrow we go to sing as usually, and Thursday a few of us who have children born in August meet up – this time at my place, and suddenly it’s Friday, weekend, and only two days left to Kaspers’ baptism. There’s still some stuff left to do, but I have my hopes up and I think decoration and the rest will go smoothly. I hope.

And now a little update to all my friends out there; Kasper is starting to become a big boy (or at least a big baby) – when we went to 3 months check up he weighed 6435 grams, and was 60 centimeters long with a little bend in his knees. He has almost doubled his birthweight! He smiles a lot, and has really started to understand that he can use his voice to scream. Noises come out of him all the time, yelling, whining – you name it. Even when he sleeps he manages to snore like a tiny Snorlax! He holds his own toys more and more, and of course everything goes in to his mouth. It looks like he has two teeth coming, so I guess he likes to bite everything because of that (it’s his “vampire teeth, even! Wonder if they pop out first, hehe). He can pull himself up holding my hands, and he easier and easier holds his chest up when he is on his stomach. Doesn’t he sound like a cutiepie? And I totally forgot to mention that he sleeps all night and almost never cries (knock knock). Best baby ever!