by Line

I have finally figured out what the title means, how to spell it correctly, and I had the pleasure to teach it to Isabel. Now we are doing it all the time (like we didn’t before!), and it’s what I am doing just this instant. Bottle-boiling gets boring in the end, but still it has to be done every day. Yeah yeah, I’ll do it – I just wanted to share some pictures of how I have decorated for Christmas this year, because it’s the first year I have my own apartment to do it in!

IMG_0401 _MG_0409

The sign says “Be naughty – save Santa the trip”. I bought it last year with Isabel, we just had to get one each! Oh humor, sometimes I feel sorry for poor Kasper, either he’ll get the same stupid, weird, insanely idiotic humor as I have, or he’ll spend his life rolling his eyes at me while I make myself sound like a fool in front of his friends. Only time can tell! Good night :)