If all days were like this

by Line

I am very soon off to bed, but I just had to tell you how great my evening turned out to be (after all that snow shoveling I had to do, which really screwed up my left shoulder and now everything hurts).

When someone asks me if I want pasta, I always say “with bacon?!”, simply because I love pasta with bacon. But, when Thomas said he thought he could make pasta with shredded pork in wine marinade with garlic and tomato sauce, I couldn’t say no. I mean, who says no to that? So we had dinner, we talked, put on Yiruma who still runs as sweet background music, played with my letter and number refrigerator magnets, and in the end – he fell asleep on the couch while I cleaned and tidied up as I usually do. I believe that there is nothing nicer when friends feel at home in my apartment, when you can be in the same room without talking, and having them over just feels so normal. I’m glad I have such nice friends (and a fantastic baby who fell asleep at eight thirty without any fuzz).