by Line

Since yesterday, I have been one vibrant woman full of raging hormones, and it’s killing my insides! I guess it’s totally normal due to the fact that I got a “hormone injection” (let’s call it that, those of you who understand, does) yesterday, but I had never thought it would affect me this much. I’m happy, I’m sad, I feel great and I feel bad all mixed together and from one second to another. It’s really hard to keep up with to tell you the truth, but I think it will pass in a few days – so until then I think I’ll wait with the story about doorbell-ringing early in the morning and the hot dude at the local grocery store. I think I would just kill the story right now!


I’ve really been having some good last days though, and I think it’s partially because of the beautiful sunrise I am lucky to wake up to everyday. I love living up here!