Snow + rain = worst mix

by Line

I have said yes to read at church today, and I have so much to do I don’t know where to start. I should probably jump off the couch and get on it, but there’s no energy left. I seriously don’t know how to enjoy my “time off”. I really have to stress down, relax. But that’s not so easy with all the presents that has to be bought and all the stuff that has to be done. Take now as an example; do you think the others in this house has shoveled away the snow from the yard? No? You are so right. And it’s raining. And I have to be at church at 4:30. And I have to vacuum, tidy, boil bottles and have the apartment ready for a new week before Kasper comes home (oh, how I miss my little sweetypie♥). I better get on it, wish me luck..


I would like this view to come back, please.