I don’t want a lot for Christmas

by Line

All I want for Christmas, is hope that someday I will find a guy that will be mine and tell me “I do” – “in good times and in bad”. I would also like some strength to ride out this storm, constant crying and carrying could wear out even the best. It might sound odd, but when my mom watched K for a few hours yesterday and told me after that “he really cries a lot”, I was relived. It’s not just me. He does cry a lot these days, and I don’t want to use the “single mother” card. I don’t want to be a complaining bastard, but I must be allowed to tell you if I’m tired? It’s just the way it is.

I have been lucky up until now, blessed with a baby that could fall asleep everywhere, anytime. Four months of heaven. Now I have a so called normal baby, and normal babies cry a lot. It’s just a phase, it will pass. Soon it will be something else. But please, Santa, please give me strength for Christmas this year.