This year is over.

by Line

Kasper is home and asleep, Christmas is soon over, and a new year will soon begin. I have decided to try and be nicer to myself next year, when it comes to all things. Sleep, eating, emotions, you name it. I think I deserve and owe it to myself. This year has been some year. Last New Years I didn’t know what to do, I just knew that my life would change radically – and so it has. To something better. I don’t know where I would have been, but I have a strong feeling that it wouldn’t have been somewhere nice, and it is exactly thoughts and memories like that I hope to lay to rest now. It is over, and I’m starting a new path. I will look forward and be happy because I have such a great life, and I will smile when I think about everything I will experience, with Kasper, with love, with life. I will end this year with the post I talked about, “Hope for Humanity after all”, but other than that I think this blog will stay pretty much the same as it has this last month. That is, nice pictures and small updates of my good days, and sometimes outbursts of feelings I need to get rid of. Thank you for reading, without you this blog would have been so much more boring!

IMG_0631Friday filed with laughter ♥