Hope for Humanity after all

by Line

It is true you guys, there is hope. For us who have spent way to many years being in love with someone who doesn’t love us back. For us who got butterflies when he texted, or couldn’t go to sleep because he was still online and all we ever wanted was for him to say hi first. For us who thought the hug was something more, when all it ever was was a friendly and polite gesture. For us who had our hearts broken when he told us he loved someone else, but kept our hopes up because one day we knew he would realize it was us he really loved.

I have finally fallen out of love. There are no wanting for a hug, waiting for a text or not being able to sleep because I am thinking of him. There are no butterflies when he texts, and I am sincerely happy when he tells me he likes this other girl. The epiphany was weird. I was driving home, and suddenly it hit me – I don’t want to wait anymore. I want to fall in love with someone who will love me back, and that is not him. Whatever I do will not bring him to me, I have tried and tried, and tried, but I’m done. A part of me is thinking “his loss”, and I kind of wish I didn’t have to talk to him for a while so I can really move on, but you know what? I doesn’t matter. I am more than ever ready to put him behind me, and I hope that you too, someday, will get this epiphany and realize you are more than better off without waiting.

There are so many things we miss because we are obsessed with doing everything right so he will like us, and you don’t want to miss out on your life, now do you? I’m not saying it isn’t sad, because it is, and I’m not saying really getting over it will be easy, because it won’t. All I’m saying is that the feeling is more than everything good. I can finally start “my own life” and make it what I want, and I believe that all of you deserve it too.

And I might even be getting the butterflies for someone I think I could really like, and that feels great! Happy New Year everybody, and remember – there is hope.