Hello 2013 :)

by Line

2013 started with a bang (pun very well intended) and I spent my 00:00 looking at the fireworks from my bedroom window. Kasper was sleeping and I was listening to Auld Lang Syne as the sucker I am for making my own cliche movie references when I am alone. I thought about 2012, and I decided to put it all behind me. So long past, here comes the now!

January has been nice and already given us two days of warm(er) and sun, and I’ve been out walking – aka using my shoes as skies down the hill, while giggling, of course. I have smiled to a lot of strangers and gotten beautiful smiles back, and I have enjoyed the fact that from now on – it’s getting brighter every day. Now all we have to do is wait for spring, more sun, t-shirt time and late afternoons on the balcony (and in the meantime I have already planned two destinations that will be visited in January – hi plane, long time no see!!)