New routines

by Line

A few days back, Kasper and I started to try out this new routine, and you know what? It’s working pretty great! Yesterday I woke up after 11 hours of sleep. Eleven! Now he gets milk breakfast around 8, oatmeal lunch around 12 followed by some milk just to see if he’s thirsty and actually full, and same goes for 4 and 7-8 again. Today I put him to bed around 8, and even though he is still awake he has not been arguing at all since I put him there. It all feels like a “new life”, I actually have time to do stuff in-between his meals. I am also effectively trying to make him sleep more during the day, and recently he’s been sleeping more and better and that helps on his night-sleep too.

Yesterday we spent the night at my parents because there was this TV-show I really wanted to see, and suddenly Mamma Mia the Movie was on! Imagine me, my mom and my dad screaming ABBA songs at the TV screen like idiots. It was great, haha. Anyways, how’s that for a happy daily update! See you around!