Day 18 – Places you have been to

by Line

I have postponed this post for a while now, because I knew it was going to be a long one (procrastination is still my favorite hobby). To make it easier and probably “funnier” for you to read, I will simply upload a picture from every destination and limit myself to two or three sentences about each (yeah, there are a lot of places). First I want you all to know that my first time on a plane was when I was 17 (!!), and I’ve traveled a lot since then! None of this will be in correct order, but here we go;

Toledo, Spain

IMGP7327This is the reason why I fell in love with Spain in the first place, walking in such a beauty of a city with all it’s cultural diversities and historic greatness to remember – I didn’t have a choice. I was sold, and I knew I would be back.

Kannonkoski, Finland

CIMG8552In 2007 I went on my first big 4H-trip, to Kannonkoski, to attend the Nordic 4H-camp. It was awesome and we had ten days of pure fun and summer. We also visited the city Jyväskylä, and I still stay in touch with some of the friends I made there!

Krakow; Poland

IMGP5031We went on a family trip to Poland in 2009, and on a day-trip to somewhere else we found a castle! My vacation was made. It was really warm and nice, and Krakow is really a beautiful city to visit. I can’t help but love cities in the “south” (aka more south than Norway).

Québec, Canada

IMG_0176February last year I jumped on a plane to Canada to visit my dear Laurence, it was shit-cold and a lot of snow, but what we got to see was awesome! I really want to go back during summer and make new, nice memories with my “big-sis” ♥ We also went to a butterfly-expo, and I never thought I would be scared of such cute creatures, but I was.

New York, United States

IMG_0381I never thought I wanted to visit the United States, but after being in New York I just have to go back one day. I didn’t see much because of that horrible over-protective “nanny” I got with me (that’s a long story, way too long to share in this post), but I saw Times Square and Central Park and I would really love to see the Statue of Liberty once. After all, it’s apparently made of some Norwegian stuff! (The copper is said to have come from a mine in Visnes, Norway, though this has not been conclusively determined).

Córdoba, Spain

IMG_0990The mosque/church in Córdoba was really something to witness, and what’s better than going with this awesome gang! I’m sorry for putting up that pouty-face of you Annki, but look at us gorgeous pale nordic chicks! Best tourists you’ll ever find.

Gibraltar, Great Britain 

IMG_6842The only place in Europe told to house wild monkeys. And by all means, DO NOT TOUCH THE MONKEYS, unless they touch you first, of course. I was so scared I almost pissed my pants.

Málaga, Spain

IMG_614816 days at a hostel in this beauty of a city is the closest I’ve ever come to be on a chartered trip. And guess what, they had a castle, a Picasso museum and – of course – a cathedral!

Ronda, Spain

IMG_6226Beautiful small place in the middle of nowhere – Hemingway is actually said to have spent a lot of summers finding inspiration from the romantic atmosphere just here! And again, some medieval sights for me to drool at.

London, England

_MG_2883I have been to London several times, and I’ve seen Lord Nelson (the statue of course), been to Tate Modern and the National Gallery, I’ve seen the Lion King musical twice, rode the tourist-bus and London Eye, been to Madame Tussaudes and the Tower of London, bought stuff I didn’t need at Camden Market, found “the Door” in Notting Hill, had lunch in St. James park, climbed the lions at Trafalgar Square and much more. If I’m going back? Sure thing!

Barcelona, Spain

IMG_0176I can assure you, this was the only guy in the water with me that day. Swimming, even in Spain, is cold i February – but I just had to take a dive in the Mediterranean sea, it was something I had never done before!

Segovia, Spain

IMG_0635As ever, Spain is there with it’s castles whenever I want to warm my heart. The castle in Segovia is part of the inspiration for the well-known Disney Castle, and is a really fun thing to see. There’s also an aqueduct, and if you want I still remember the tale and are perfectly educated to tell you the whole shabang!

Nice, France

IMG_0045It was so nice going to Nice! As always, Isabel (my favorite partner in crime) and I stayed at a hostel, and little did with know that it was on top of a hill. Anyways, it was a great (nice) place to have seen, and I can imagine going there during the summer will be over-the-top great.

Cannes, France

IMG_0064We didn’t even spot one celebrity, my oh my was I disappointed. And when we were hungry, none of the restaurants was open except for McDonalds. Disappointed again. But I did find this guy, and of course we matched our handprints to all the celeb ones one the ground!

Éze, France

IMG_0165There isn’t a lot to see in Èze, actually the lady at the tourist office rolled her eyes at us when we stopped to ask what we should see. Then she draw two circles on our map and told us to go up the hill. So we did, and a more beautiful, spectacular, gorgeous place have I never seen. Like, never as in ever. I am so glad we stopped there, you should too!


IMG_0204A more breathtaking place than Monaco is hard to find. Cars, glam, surprisingly clean, casino, view, you name it. They even have a castle. I wouldn’t mind a nice and long vacation there. We walked the whole thing, and then we took the tourist train all the way back. I recommend doing the train first, Monaco is small (16 km from border to border), but it was some walk..

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

IMG_0063aIn January 2011 I was in need of a trip to clear my mind, so I jumped on a train and traveled to this symbol of a city. It’s the destination of the Way of St. James and one day I wish to walk the northern route. I had two great nights (if you don’t count the fact that I was misplaced in a room full of pilgrim men that smelled like old fart and sweat) there, and spent my days walking around, having a glass of wine while reading a book at a restaurant and just, lived.

Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain

IMG_0374During the carnival in Ciudad Rodrigo I witnessed my first real bullfight. Good thing I was shit-drunk through the entire thing, because it was both horrible and amazing at the same time. I’m not sure I would do it again.. This was also the night I drunkenly told my teacher how awesome she is, and where I perfected my pick-pocketing skills and brought back a lot of gifts for Isabel.

Sevilla, Spain

IMG_0222 IMG_0316Sevilla is the place where I lost my sunglasses in the royal pond you see above. My teacher would not stop teasing me about it, and kept on asking if I “lost something? Hahahaha!”. I miss her. Anyways, Sevilla should really get an entire post for itself (as for Granada below), because there were so much to see and learn. The best thing was probably the smell of oranges that followed you wherever you went. It was so, southern.

Granada, Spain

IMG_1347Do you see what I see?! What’s there to say, Granada is beautiful. It’s fantastic. Amazing. Hidden treasures everywhere, and then there is this fantastic castle towering over the entire city. I need to go back some day. I just have to.

Madrid, Spain

10The city I lived in for six weeks and where I “found myself”, the city in Spain probably closest to my heart. Madrid is beautiful whenever, you just have to remember to look. This picture is from el Parque del Retiro, and I can’t count how many times I’ve been there just like that, with a book and no worries. Taking it all in, the smell, the view, the sounds, the whole atmosphere. Love ♥

Salamanca, Spain

Lørdag 25What can I say? Salamanca.. The city where I got drunk, learned Spanish, screwed up, got friends I’ll never forget, learned a lot about myself, got drunker, flunked out, laughed, smiled, loved and cherished. I got a family I can always return to and that will have a special place in my heart forever. My year in Salamanca will always be one of the worst periods of my life, but it will most importantly be the best time of my life too. Without this I would have been a totally different person, and I am forever thankful to myself that I allowed myself to go. Thank you Salamanca, for everything you gave me ♥

Summary; I didn’t tell you about the places I’ve been to in the Nordic countries because that would have been too many, and I have probably forgotten some (Pamplona, for example), but I want to see more – and when I do I will blog your minds out about it! The end to this got a tad more nostalgic than I had planned, but as you can see Spain will forever be close to me. Now it’s time to see the rest of the world, and I’m doing so with the biggest grin you will ever see! The plane for my next destination leaves on Friday, can’t wait!

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