Just my luck?

by Line

Photo on 1-13-13 at 5.58 PMFriday evening I had planned to catch a plane to Dublin, spend the weekend there and have loads of fun not thinking about anything serious. As I’m thinking you’ve already guessed, that didn’t happen. I woke up at 2 a.m. Friday early morning puking the shit out of me. Kasper was lucky and went off to his dad before breakfast, and I spent the entire day in bed. And Saturday. And now, Sunday. Finally I feel better, probably a lot thanks to my mom, and I’m soon going home hoping K will go to bed easy so I can get a good nights sleep. Still no internet though, but I’m exhausted, so who cares.. I hope one good nights sleep will fill me up with the energy I need so badly. I hope y’all had a better weekend than I did, and thankyou mommy! :)