by Line

Hello you, after a crappy weekend and Robin leaving and no internet and a few days of pouting – I am back in a good mood. I’ve been pretending to be a mom of three (babysitting Kasper’s second cousins), visited Caroline and her cute kids, been to every daily baby life activities and tomorrow you guys – tomorrow we are going to Madrid!

You heard me, I went digging for my guts and together with Isabel I found it. We ordered tickets, and now I am deep down in trying to remember everything. We get back late Saturday and are leaving way to early tomorrow, so we get five entire days to be away and not worry about anything important. That includes StarBucks, saying hello to my “little-sis”, eating empanadas and visiting Salamanca and our old school. Finally I’ll be back on a plane away from this cold ass-freezing Norway-hole! My camera will be with us of course, so I’ll tell you all about it when we get back – probably with tips on what not to do while traveling with a baby. C’ya!

_MG_0708And by the way, this little cutiepie got his first tooth on Saturday!