by Line

I kind of promised to tell you what not to do while traveling with a baby, because I thought it would be more stressful than it actually were, but the only thing I can come to think of is The Metro. I don’t know what we thought, but bringing a stroller to the Metro in Madrid is not simple. First of all, not every station has an elevator. No need to explain that problem (but you can ride an escalator with it, it’s just not allowed). Second of all, Metro sound are not white noise. Especially not if you have a tired baby with you. Third, how on earth do you think you can fit a stroller into a wagon that is already full of people? Me neither, but it worked.


Other than that (and the series of unfortunate events that we so sadly, but predicted, experienced) we had a great trip. Kasper didn’t cry once because of ear-pain when we traveled by plane, and he was happy and smiled to every stranger that found him so cute they had to comment. He slept like a baby (pun intended?) and Isabel and I spent hours of laughing and talking about random stuff you would never understand. It’s easy to make the best of what you have with those two travel partners, Kasper got his bath in the shower and couldn’t have been happier. Isabel got to spend quality time with me and lost a few braincells because of that, but was happy either way. We practiced our Spanish and enjoyed.


We had coffee at Starbucks several times a day, we could go outside without scarves on, one day the temperature was 14 degrees (!!) and the smell of Spain eased our minds. If it were up to us and not economy, I have a feeling we would have stayed for at least two more weeks. At least. And the weird thing is, we didn’t actually do anything in particular. We just were there. In Spain. Wednesday we spent five hours on a train so we could spend six hours in Salamanca, and even though we only had time to say hello to our old teachers it was so worth it. More awesome professors could you spend a while searching for! We promised to come back again and spend some more time there, and I can’t wait. Awesomeness ♣


We totally enjoyed everything, especially the food. Empanadas, churros, and a lot of potato-tortilla. I also had fries with mayo, no wonder I gained some weight when we lived there, I ate that yummy fat every single day. It just .. tastes like heaven. Good thing I haven’t found that type of mayo in Norway yet! I think I’ll stop here, because I’m guessing you’ve understood that our trip was great, awesome, fantastic, super, good, nice, awesome, super and so on.

And thanks again to you Isabel, no one makes me laugh like you do and it is a pure pleasure traveling with you! (even when you are tired and mopey because you are tired, haha ♥)