A series of unfortunate events

by Line

Before I tell you why our trip was so fantastically great after all, I should start with what didn’t turn out so good. It was really unfortunate, actually – and here goes;

Before we went, Isabel read her horoscope for last week and it said that a planned trip could be cancelled or changed, and that days to be careful were the 25th and the 26th. Well, on Friday (the 25th) her cellphone got stolen by some nasty Romanians that came up in our faces and tried to makes us sign something (yeah right, never trust a boy who stinks and looks like he likes trash for dinner). He covered her purse with the paper, followed by the staff chasing him and his nasty girlfriends out of the café (yes, we were actually sitting inside, furthest away from the door at a café) – and boom, iPhone used for two days totally gone. The upside to this unfortunate event was all the seriously hot policemen at the station that were very helpful and not to mention cute. Did I mention they were gorgeous? We spent almost three hours drooling.. I mean waiting for our turn, and luckily I bought travel insurance before we went so she will get a new one covered.

If that wasn’t enough for one day, when we got back to the hostel in the late evening I checked my e-mail, and guess what? Our plane back home was cancelled. No explanation, just a “sorry for the inconvenience”. I couldn’t help but laugh, because there we were, having spent half a day at the police station and now we had to find a new flight home. Customer service was closed, and booking a new flight online was impossible. We went to bed and called in early morning, and luckily we got tickets to another flight. At 1 p.m. We had to be there two hours before and couldn’t check in online because of Kasper (really..?), which meant we were in a rush. Speeding to the airport (not simple by the way, the metro takes it’s time wether you stress or not), we hoped to be there on time and were ready as every to check in our luggage and get home. But no, when we got to the airport there were no checking in. The weather in Amsterdam was too bad for landing, so we had to wait for an indefinite period of time.

Finally we got our luggage checked in though, and the flight was delayed for one hour. We took our time, and in the middle of Kasper’s lunch it sounded from the speakers “boarding to Amsterdam begins now“. Holy mother of .., no time to relax at all?! We sped to the gate, where we met yet another problem. The incredibly stupid ladies at check-in told us we could bring the stroller on board the plane, and I tried to tell them that that couldn’t possibly be true because my stroller is way too big for that kind of travel. They insisted, and our first problem was getting it through security (mean lady there should get something stuck far up her you-know-what for not being service-minded at all). We got it to the gate though, and the stewardess made huge eyes when she saw what we had brought along. “That is too big” … “I know”. She called for assistance and after two minutes of her not-so-awesome Spanish we took over, and finally solved the problem. Stroller would go straight to Oslo-Torp, and were not to be ramp-delivered in Amsterdam (thank heavens for that).

Kasper slept on the plane, and was genuinely fantastic as he normally is, and in Amsterdam we had time to meet Marjolein for some casual catching up. We were so tired we could’ve slept standing, and it felt so good to finally get back home (even though Madrid was way more awesome and Norway is filled with snow and cold). I guess the moral to this story is to actually care what your horoscope says, and be careful.