by Line

Photo on 1-28-13 at 9.02 PM #3

Whoever said that Mondays are bad should really make something out of his/her life. Mondays are great! After a weekend has passed it’s always great to start a new week with new possibilities ahead – a fresh start, as some may call it. Right now I’m sitting here with my new, and totally awesome, Starbucks mug, waiting for Kasper to fall asleep so I can try and make some good posts on how our trip went. Some that new readers will see and think “yes, this is someone I would like to follow!”. I haven’t been that satisfied with my writing lately, and I feel like my English sucks and that posts would be better if they were written in Norwegian – but, I will do my very best to write better from now on (because all I want is to have like.. 50 visitors in one day. Dream on). But another but! It’s so nice to see that there has been more comments than usual lately, that’s something I like very, very much!

Thank you ♥