by Line

They say you have to choose your battles wisely when it comes to your kids, so you won’t be exhausted. Well, today I chose my battle. Kasper has discovered that there is an emotion called “anger”, and he likes to use it when he gets tired but wants to stay awake anyways. He is as happy as ever, until I put him to bed. Then he goes crazy, and it’s even worse if I try to give him his teat. He doesn’t cry or get his usual “something’s wrong” very-red face, he just screams. We kept on going for over an hour and I cried and he screamed and I felt like the most terrible mom on this very planet, but in the end he fell asleep – and when he woke up he was his happy self again. That truly eased my heart a little bit. He is usually more comfortable going to bed in the evening, so I hope we won’t have to do the same “I’m the boss” – “I don’t want to sleep” thing more today.


Right now he is with his grandparents and I got the spirit over me to clean the apartment (must have been the nice weather), which was really needed. I turned on Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” as loud as I dared and scrubbed around, in my underwear, on my knees. Amazing how work like that can really ease ones mind. Right now I’m taking a break so the floors can dry, and later I’ll do the easy work, take a shower and most importantly enjoy that this day isn’t like yesterday. I hope the nice ladybug in my bedroom doesn’t choose to live in the shower like the butterfly who visited a while ago.. I don’t know how they get in here, but it’s always a nice surprise when they do!

(And for those who wondered, of course I didn’t leave K alone in his outburst of anger, I just didn’t take him out of his bed).