M&M Friday

by Line

Every Friday we go to spend time with Mille and Mia, and we always have a great time. Usually we do nothing in particular, but today you see, today Kasper met a horse for the first timeIt was really spectacular to witness, his eyes got huge and he was so amazed. It looked like he had some respect for this huge animal, but after a while he had to check out what this thing he had never seen before felt like. So he stuck his whole hand up the horses’ nose, and thereafter tried to grab it. He didn’t seem to mind (the horse that is) and was happy when Kasper gave him a carrot afterwards (with my secure and strong supervision of course). All in all, I think he likes horses.


“So this is a horse, huh? Interesting”


“And it likes carrots too? Interesting..”

Other than that we continued or hobbies, Mille finished knitting some gloves, and I started crocheting (which I learned from Kasper’s grandma just yesterday). I hope I will manage to make one of those awesome owl-hats that’s been everywhere lately, but for now it just looks weird. Definitively getting there though, so if it turns out good I’ll make sure to brag about it!