by Line

It’s no wonder K has been grumpy and not his splendid self lately, that poor little guy has bronchitis. A mild version, but still.. The doctor said that all the bacterias are out of his body though, so he will probably get better sometime this week. Because he’s been coughing for a while, it’s probably the end of it now and not the beginning, so I just hope we can go in to a new week with a fresh start on Monday. This exhausts both mother and child..


So that’s where the failing-mom feeling came from, me not being able to figure out what was wrong. I’m actually a tad relived that there was something, because it explains a lot of his behavior lately and lifts some weight off my shoulders. I’ll happily be one to admit that this is not easy, the whole being a mother thingy, doing what’s right, understanding a tiny person that express what he wants or feels more or less only through crying. But together we are getting there, and we learn every day! Keeping up the good spirit :)