*Blowing off steam

by Line

I woke up with the intension of keeping up the good spirit, but that disappeared mighty quick to be honest. I can’t help but being so … (insert fitting swearword) tired of being kicked, pinched, scratched and getting my hair tugged so hard I want to cry. It hurts so bad, and there’s no one to blame. Because K, he is a baby. And on top of that, he is sick. So I smile, I hug, I carry, I swear a lot inside my head, I cry a few tears when he isn’t looking, I smile some more, try to say some reassuring words, I sing, I tell stories and I keep thinking that tomorrow might be better.

Actually, today is better. *Finding the good spirit. K is asleep and has been for the last two and a half hours, I have cleaned, tidied and even got away some dust, and I have washed every single toy K has had in his mouth for the last two weeks. Bacterias be gone!! Luckily I had a chance to blow off some steam to a very gross gentleman at the online dating site I’m at – I mean, why the hell do you think I would like to date you, when you are SIXTY FOUR years older than me? Humanity still surprises me.. 


Btw; being spit up on on the other hand, still doesn’t bother me at all.