Pity Party

by Line

Warning; the first paragraph is the pity-part, so skip it if you feel like it.

Right now I’m straight out on the couch, and after writing this post I will continue to read “The Happiness Project” that I got just yesterday, still while being straight out on the couch. So now, let’s start the pity-train; Four weeks ago I was sick, and didn’t start a new week with a fresh beginning like I use to when K is away for the weekend. I was actually quite exhausted already then. After that, I’ve had four x3 hours to myself and with did I do? Nothing relaxing, that’s for sure. I probably used energy on cleaning, instead of saving it. I also went to Madrid, which was worth it – but it was exhausting too. Then K got sick, and even though he still sleeps good at night I can’t help but get tired when he needs constant attention every hour, and doesn’t sleep as well during the day as he used to. So to sum it up; I have not had a chance (more like not given my self the chance, but that’s not the point) to actually rest for more than four weeks and now I am exhausted. I know that a lot of you guys do this every day and study and/or work on top of this, and even have several children – so you probably have a better reason to feel some self-pity than I do, but my point to this (if we take away the part where I want you to see how much respect I deserve for being me and doing this…) is that this weekend K is going to his grandparents and I will relax. Yeap, that’s right. I will relax. Pity be gone, energy come to me!

_MG_0085 _MG_0096

The last two days I’ve gotten three packages in the mail – and there’s more to come! If there’s something I love, it’s opening my mailbox and find something that’s not ads. I don’t care if it’s something I ordered myself or letters from across the globe (even though that’s a tad more fun) – I. Love. Getting. Mail. This time it was from the book club I joined the other day, who says no to that when there’s a gift card of a 1000,- NOK in the picture? And the packages arrived a lot sooner than I could hope for, too. There’s still one more book left to come, but I will keep it a secret until it’s here. I’m also waiting for a pack from overseas, but that actually deserves an entire post to itself, so I will wait until I can show you what it is (stay tuned, it’s a good cause!). I totally forgot that I also joined the hobby club – and of course they had a welcoming pack! Oh, mail ♥

Now, do you get a lot of mail?