M&M Friday

by Line

This Friday we stayed at my place, and figured out that we really should try the Finger Paint I so recently got. That wasn’t the easiest thing we ever tried, but we ended up with some good results – and what is funnier than playing with paint? Unfortunately we didn’t have time to get prints from Mia, but hopefully we will try again some other Friday. For her I have red paint, so all we need is pink paper! (K got blue paint on light blue paper, of course).


Everything was blue, and K almost looked like a tiny avatar (next Halloween he can play with blue paint all he wants and be a tiny avatar) – and we ended up with what I was planning on; a picture to my mom with his and my handprint as a gift on Mothers Day. I think she was really happy with that :) I also ended up with one for myself, which is now safe and secure in a new frame I bought on IKEA yesterday. I bought more frames and a shelf, and the result will be here when I get it up on the wall. I’m really excited!

As you know I’m currently reading “The Happiness Project”, and I want to apply some of that in my life – so I’ve made up a rule that says no internet after ten o’clock in the evening. That means I have to go now, but I will write an entire post about both that, the latest package that arrived and IKEA the following days! I’m tired, but life is really good at the moment!

Btw; we are adding two more M’s to our Fridays – stay tuned!