Giving is the new Black

by Line

It is time to tell you about the mystical package I received the other day, which is bought nowhere else but here;


Basically it’s a page where you can buy awesome clothes and give money to a good cause, both at the same time. The first time I bought something there was before Christmas – I wanted to give Mille something that actually had a meaning behind it and looked good at the same time. Her shirt gave support to women who are fleeing physical abuse. My shirt gave support to teenagers who are struggling with depression etc. and for me that choice was easy. I liked the sweater, I liked the cause = boom, new sweater for me.


It’s not something I really can afford, and I always get a bad conscience whenever I buy something for myself – but it makes me feel better, it’s a good cause and you should check it out too;

(the stickers are reason itself to buy something)