Good changes

by Line

There’s only six days since I last updated you guys, but a lot has happened. First of all I have started studying for my exams in May, which is both frustrating and interesting at once. I chose geography, religion and history because I have the grade 4 in all of them (where a 6 is the best you can get) and if I manage to get top score on my exams I will suddenly have 50 points instead of 47, and a higher chance of getting into the university I want. Sometimes I feel like I’ve taken on to much, it’s four years of curriculum to learn in only three months, but I have started and I am getting there. I should also say that I am slightly more interested in those subjects than normal people, and I’m especially excited to get to the philosophy-part in the religion book – so it could most definitively be worse!

I have also applied for kindergarden, apartments and those said universities, and I am excited to figure out where I will end up the next three years. I think change will be good, to get away from “normal” and to start a journey with a definite goal; to get a job I will be satisfied in, buy a home for little K and me, and have a stable income. That will allow me/us to do crazy and spontaneous things, go on “different” holidays and have a lot of fun. I know it’s years from now, but the thought of it makes now easier.

Second of all, I have made a few “happiness” rules for myself, after reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin – and they are working! I will write a longer post about it later, because I think it’s something everyone could learn from (and you should definitively read the book, it’s an easy read) – but to sum it up here are some of my main rules; Don’t bring your cellphone to bed (this actively gives me more sleep). Don’t dwell on stuff that gives you a bad conscience (which made me – finally – call and schedule an appointment at the dentist). Cherish your hair (I’ve stopped sleeping with my hair in a “dot”, which equals less tangles). It’s better to do a little bit every day (this stopped giving me a bad conscience if I only read half a chapter while studying, or didn’t tidy the apartment, go out with the trash and so on).

I have other stuff I want to spend more time changing about myself, like the fact that I feel like I complain a lot, but as I really want to nail those exams I have figured out that that probably needs some work and should wait until I can give it my full attention. And who knows, maybe the little things will make the big things disappear all by itself? I already feel a lot happier than when I first got my hand on the book, and even though I have bad days they somehow don’t feel as bad as they used to. One thing that have lead to this “happier me” is of course the fact that I’ve finally been left alone by the one person who made my days harder to wake up to (not on purpose of course), and I hope I will have come to a place where it’s okay to see him and be casual when he comes back. I have set up a few rules that will meet him when he gets back, but because I am only half evil I won’t put them up here (I’ll just tell you about it, like I just did, haha).

Anyways, I’ll use blogging as a time-out from studying from here-on-forward, and I hope I can inspire you with posts about how I have managed to improve my happy-thinking! Now, back to studying!

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This hair is beautiful and deserves to be shown to the world!