Let’s laugh

by Line

When my sister came to visit after a month in Cuba, her response to little K was that “he smiles and laughs so much more now” – and that truly warms a loving mommy-heart. He is a happy child who likes to play around on the floor and discovery new things, and that makes me glad. He is also moving around a lot more, and I catch myself saying “that’s not where I left you!” several times a day – soon he’ll probably be crawling around! The last six months has gone by so fast, and I am more amazed every day of how wonderful a child can be. And how fast they develop! The last month he has gotten two teeth, learned how to roll over both from his stomach and his back, he eats potatoes, makes unbelievable funny noises and is moving around. I am almost scared to see what he’ll learn the next month, but I’m guessing it involves sitting, crawling and maybe even tasting bread. Woho!


I had to start this post with something nice, because today has been difficult. I’m not sure why, but I feel like my sub-conscience is struggling with something I can’t seem to grasp. That’s why I will talk about one thing I am focusing on in my “Happiness Project” today; laugh more! Gretchen Rubin says that a child laughs an average of a 100 times a day, while adults only laugh around 17 times. Isn’t that depressing, you guys? The thing I have learned the last week, is that when I focus on laughing more, I do laugh more. It might not be a fact, but because I have it in my mind that I want to laugh I notice when I do, and that again gets me in a better mood.

Of course, I am lucky to have one to laugh with here with me all the time, but he doesn’t laugh unless I try to make him. The motivation is simple; he laughs, I laugh – and we’re both happy. I am also lucky to have a friend like Isabel, she is a huge source when it comes to me laughing! We text a lot, and usually it’s just totally random and really laughable. I think the main thing you have to do if you want to laugh more, is think through what makes you laugh. Wether it’s watching funny cat videos at youtube, reading a good book, looking at people falling, a TV show, getting someone to tickle you – figure it out, and as long as it makes you laugh it’s a good thing! (Well, it’s not so cool to laugh at death and that sorts of stuff, but that’s plain logic so I’m guessing you don’t). Want to laugh more? Go and find your inner motivation to do so, go!

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