Problem (hopefully) solved!

by Line

Sleeping on it was a smart move, but talking to a friend about it was even better. I have come to the conclusion that three subjects are one too many, and I will only do geography and religion. I could still get two points, and I won’t be too stressed out. Also, Mille will look after K for me every Tuesday so I can go to the library and get some time to study. That together with every Thursday evening and every second weekend I think I can manage to get the job done. The major problem with doing everything here was that it was too much, and I get distracted by everything when K is here – again, as Gretchen Rubin says “find out what the problem is, and then find a solution”.

See what I just did there? I added more happiness rules to my every day life! One of her other rules was no to be afraid of failing, and that – too – is one thing I will bring with me on my journey, while reaching for my goal. It’s okay to fail. If I don’t get top grade, at least I tried, and that’s worth it.

I felt lighter immediately  after making the decision, and today has been pure niceness. I’ll start on by reading as much as I feel up for tonight, and continue tomorrow and see how far I get. Small steps every day is better than one huge, stressed and painful at then end!