Some weekend

by Line

This has been some weekend, you guys. Friday I was exhausted, and it was weird because I hadn’t recognized it myself, but I fell asleep on the couch at six p.m. and slept until eight a.m. the day after. I felt amazingly good and awake! So I went to the city to shop a new outfit for Isabel’s’ birthday, and ended up with shoes, a dress, earrings, bracelets and suddenly I had spent so much more than I had planned for. But then again, everyone needs that little black dress that fits everything. On top of that I dyed my hair, and it did not go as planned. I am now officially a brunette. All the way, really dark and totally not blond anymore. The plan was to get a dark bottom and do the “ombre” effect on the rest so I would have blond stripes and not be so pale, but my hair wouldn’t do it so I guess that will have to wait. I still jump a little bit whenever I pass a mirror.

Isabel’s birthday was amazeballs, everyone had way too much to drink and I turned into the usual horrible and angry drunken myself (remind me of this next time I want to party, and then stop me). I’m actually a bit amazed, I turn in to this totally different person that I wish I didn’t know, break things, cry and I say the most horrific evil things to people I really care about. And people I know, but really don’t know. How on earth do that even happen? If I were to drink someone should cover my mouth and tie my hands to my back and leave me in a corner. Lesson learned, but all in all it was a great party!

Today I have only slept, and it’s soon bedtime for me again. K was a bit sceptic when he came home, but was okay with the obligatory cuddling before bedtime and it was so nice to see him again. I just want to hug him all day long. Tomorrow I’m going to the dentist followed by Isabel’s birthday dinner, and Tuesday I’ll really do my best to catch up on my reading (and mommy is coming home!! ♥).


And R, if you read this; an official apology is needed – I’m sorry.