International zoo

by Line

My mom came back from Africa yesterday (!!) and I am so proud of her, because she has successfully climbed the Kilimanjaro! My new hero of believing in dreams after the age of 40. There’s hope you guys, there’s hope. But anyways, that was not the point. She brought back a gift for K – a hand carved zebra! Of course I have to put it on display somewhere, and that made me realize one thing; I’m slowly getting a collection of international hand made animals!

PicMonkey Collage

We have the elephant from Bali, the turtles from Turkey, the other turtle from Cuba and now the zebra from Africa. I must admit that if some of you out there go somewhere, find a really cheap hand made animal and wonders if you should buy it or not.. Send it to me! Collections are like lists to me, it sneaks up on me and suddenly I have an other one. And I like it!

Do you collect something you find awesome?