Again, good and bad

by Line

The only good thing that’s come out of the fact that my wallet was stolen on Saturday, is that I had to put K in his stroller and do the obligatory round you have to do after all your cards has been stolen. Police office, Road administration and the bank. Fortunately a man called me this morning and said that he found my visa card in the snow and that he will send it to me as soon as he can. Thank heavens there’s still some good people out there. My wallet was stolen at a birthday party where everybody knew everybody, my phone was in it but someone lost it and a bartender called me so I could pick it up. They obviously only wanted the actual wallet because they threw everything else out of it. I’m so frustrated right now.

IMG_2008 IMG_2010

But as I said, the good thing was that I had to go for a walk and as always that does me good. I haven’t been walking since before Christmas because there’s been snow everywhere, so logically I’m a bit out of shape.. But spring is slowly sneaking in upon us, and the more I walk the easier it is to actually breathe and talk afterwards. Now I need a good fifteen minutes to stop breathing like I’ve run a marathon! I hope I’ll manage to go for a short walk everyday here on forward, and if I can get that studying done too life will be good. I’ll make sure to keep you updated, and if I have time I’ll do a “deeper” post soon that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

Are you enjoying spring too?!