Retro Perfect Friday

by Line

Yesterday K and I decided that it was time to go visit everyone at the kindergarden where I used to work, and we ended up spending three hours there. K was as happy as ever, he loves other kids and I think toddlers in general loves babies. Especially those who had learned to say the word “Baby!” .. “Baby!” .. “Baby!”. How cute?! I’m not lying when I say I could have worked there for free, and I’m so happy that I got the chance to work there as much as I did, when I was just a substitute. After all, that’s where I learned what I want to spend the rest of my life doing!

KasperRetro K was dressed up for the occasion, clothes from when I was a baby!

When we got back home I invited Isabel over for waffles, and rumor has it that my waffles are a tasty delight so she said yes before she had time to blink (exaggerating, me? No, what’s that?). Just like expected they were as yummy as I hoped for, and I found some ice cream in the freezer that we had on top. Did I say yummy? Yummy! K has gotten so big he can finally sit in a high-chair, and he loves being able to sit up at the table where the action is, and he loves the attention auntie Bel gives him whenever she comes to visit.

_MG_0367 _MG_0371Ooh, cutiepies.

After she left Tiril and Susan came over for a late dinner, and as usual we could not stop laughing at stupid jokes and stories. I was even so lucky this time that I got to feel the baby kick! I’m still pretty amazed and not to mention fascinated by pregnancies. Weird. We moved to the couch, K went to sleep, T and S emptied my candy bowl and it was a perfect casual Friday evening. Actually, it was a perfect Friday in general. I’ll make sure to have more of those!

I wish you all a merry christmas a great rest of the weekend :)