by Line

This day started like serious crap. It was so bad that I had to call my mom and cry a little bit. Studying is overwhelming with a kid around you twenty-four/seven. It’s like.. I’m so tired of lemonade! Why can’t it go my way… Okay, so it could be worse. K could be a baby who doesn’t like to sleep, for example. Progress on the “don’t complain” (too much) rule.

But, lucky as I am I’ve looked after K’s second cousins today, and that is a serious mood-raiser. First we picked up A at kindergarden and when we got home T had come home from school. We made dinner, did homework, played around, read two books and now I just think that this day didn’t turn out so bad after all. A (who turns four in a few weeks) even made sure K got his dinner properly, and was really proud that he was allowed to be the boss of spoon and water and feeding someone smaller than him. They were so cute! We are going to stay with them next Tuesday too, and I really look forward to it. I like kids!

_MG_0451What yo’ lookin’ at?! Weirdo..